As if Japanese Pizza Hut wasn’t weird enough (sorry but broccoli, peas and mayo DO NOT EVER belong on a pizza) their newest ads on YouTube have their next franchise run by cats.

This one is called “Dressed to Kill For The Day.” Meeoooww

Combining social media’s two chief exports, pizza and cats, Pizza Hut now have the keys to internet domination with their adorable clips of kitties in uniform riding roombas and trying to sleep through their alarm (we are so jealous that we didn’t think of this first. Keep an eye out for the EatNow Mexican walking fish- Coming this October!)

Somehow, this seems less efficient than using a real vacuum

Though not a new idea to Japan, see Samurai Pizza Cats circa 1990, this particular combination of felines and food seems to have struck a chord both in Japan and in the Western world (we’re suckers for a cute cat video and suffer extreme pizza co-dependency at large.)

Samurai Pizza Cats cooked and sold pizza as well as defended the world from violent onslaughts. Your move, Pizza Hut Cats.

While we’ve yet to learn where in Japan we can visit the “Pizza Cat” team, we’re really hoping it will be somewhere within walking distance of the Kinokawa Train Station, run by Tama the tortoiseshell cat (don’t even try and argue, this is an actual thing).

The train station kitty would never be afraid of a cash register. Get it together, Pizza Cats!

At any rate, we’re keen to congratulate them on achieving a new low in efficiency and high in staff cuteness.

Keen for some pizza not prepared by kitties? Order online right meow.