Light on filling but full on taste, Rice Paper Rolls teach us all to not judge a food by its cover. Full of gently grilled meats and cool, crisp veggies, they prove you can get wrapped up in simple, fresh food and still find  supremely satisfying flavour.

Bound by wrapping so soft and thin it could only have been spun from the hair of angles, pearls of tender meat and fine spears of carrot and cucumber create a smooth, but intense flavour that’s seen the humble Rice Paper Roll named 30th most delicious food in the world.

Usually served as an entrée or side, these bite-sized bits of brilliance will really get that perfect meal on a roll. You’ll be wrapped with the texture combinations of crunchy carrots, delicate vermicelli noodles and succulent pork, prawns or chicken that transport your tongue to its happy place.  

Often served with a dipping sauce, hoisin, sweet chilli or satay mean that Rice Paper Rolls can really pack a flavour punch. With just one bite through that soft, sticky surface, you’ll be all over these little beauties like white on rice.

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