Let the games begin.

Welcome to the Nom-monwealth Games. For the next 12 days we will be pitting dish against dish in the ultimate takeaway showdown.

Which dish will be the ultimate victor? Will pizza pip pasta at the post? Which chicken dish will finish first? You decide for your chance to win a $50 EatNow voucher every day.

We've created this very sportific (that's sporty and scientific) bracket which you can use the follow the rounds, help you decide your votes and generally feel sporty.


Voting is a simple as can be. Visit our Facebook Page each day and vote for the dish you wish to be top of the podium at the end of the games.

Every day, we will add the winner to this snazzy leader board along with the winner of the $50 EatNow Voucher - chosen at random from the votes.

Round 1 Winner : Butter Chicken

Round 1 $50 Voucher Winner : Sandy Skerrett


Round 2 Winner : Burger

Round 2 $50 Voucher Winner : Geoff Yam


Round 3 Winner : Sushi

Round 3 $50 Voucher Winner : Tiffany Wong


Round 4 Winner : Pad Thai

Round 4 $50 Voucher Winner : Sherie Brogan


Round 5 Winner : Green Curry

Round 5 $50 Voucher Winner : Megan Sims


Round 6 Winner : Carbonara

Round 6 $50 Voucher Winner : Kirsty D'Costa


Round 7 Winner : Lamb Kebab

Round 7 $50 Voucher Winner : Tara Lee


Round 8 Winner : Tikka Masala

Round 8 $50 Voucher Winner : Yan Cai


Round 10 Winner : Burger

Round 10 $50 Voucher Winner : Sonya Nicole


Round 11 Winner : Lamb Kebab

Round 11 $50 Voucher Winner : Rose Cooney


Round 12 Winner : Carbonara

Round 12 $50 Voucher Winner : Emily Grace Gray


Round 13 Winner : Lamb Kebab

Round 13 $50 Voucher Winners : Crystal Pope & Suellen Grossi


Round 14 Winner : Burger

Round 14 $50 Voucher Winner : Jessica Bolt


Grand Final : Burger

Grand Final $50 Voucher Winners : Mark Smith, Stephanie Canellis & Melissa Van Krieken


Thank you everyone for playing, follow us on Facebook

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