Since they were first thrown together from leftover ingredients when a few “ladies who lunch” missed the usual lunch hour, “Nacho” Anaya’s ground-breaking recipe has conquered the world.

Morphing into one of the world’s most versatile dishes (next to pizza, our other obsession) nachos have come a long way since their cheese, tortilla shard and pickled jalapeño origins. With an intense moreishness that comes with such a ridiculous tendency to include deliciously burnt cheese, these tasty tid bits offer endless variety

Now slathered in salsa and stacked with your choice of every kind of minced, diced or shredded meat imaginable, a switching out for frijoles or picco de gallo can also make these magnificent morsels one of the most supremely delicious vegetarian options around. The ability to completely boost their tastiness by rocking the guac, also makes this dish a must-have for avocado aficionados everywhere.

Even credited for the evolution of an entirely new category of permanently liquid cheese, there is little nachos can’t do and few they can’t satisfy.

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