If you're one of those who loves food more than people (like most of us are) finding that special someone can take a back seat to finding that special calzone. Well now the two searches are one and the same.

Simply by ordering your dinner, you could be matched with the perfect partner thanks to a new feature of what is obviously your most favouite website (shux guys, we love you too!)

From April 1 any order you place on EatNow will give you the option to be matched with local singles who share tastes and other important features (like interests, and age). The Munchie Matchmaker on EatNow will allow you to approve your matches and chat with them while you wait for dinner to arrive.

The app pulls information from your order history and (if allowed) your Facebook account to find potential longtime lovers or short term sweethearts with a delicious level of accuracy.

With 15 couples still dating following the beta testing period, the feature is getting a pretty good wrap from food fiends across the country. To help boost the take up of the takeaway friend finder the first 50 people tp sign up will be given $50 credit with which to order a meal they can share with their match.

To sign up for Munchie Matchmaker visit the login page now.

To order a meal over which to ponder the prospective of finding a match order online now.