Luscious layers of meat and eggplant, pillowy piles of potato and cheese, it’s easy to see why Less-Ssaka is never on the menu. Moreish at the best of times, Moussaka is arguably the greatest Greek dish to ever grace your dinner table.

A great way to get your serve of veg while enjoying the warmth of a comfort food, Moussaka is Lasagne’s steamy cousin, combining the mince and bechamel of a luxuriously laden Lasagne, with exquisite eggplant and pristinely mashed potato. Rich, yet starchy and full of passionately paired textures, Moussaka is pure merriment in your mouth.

Often overlooked in favour of more iconic Greek grub,  Moussaka is a quiet achiever, a staple on menus from Athens to Atherton, it has maintained a grasp on the Greek palette for thousands of years. Though it’s current form, which features lamb mince and bechamel, was popularised in the 1920s, the Greek’s have been guzzling this grub since long before takeaway was tasted.

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