Catching and stewing a huge swordfish for dinner is pretty freaking badass. That’s what coastal Brazilians used to (and some probably still) do. For more than 300 years they have carried this Chuck-Norris-On-A-Fishing-Trip attitude into their cooking. Moqueca is no exception. You probably won’t see swordfish in your average Moqueca now, but the ingredients will still get you a pretty formidable reputation. Different kinds of shark and crayfish can all pack a hefty punch, and that carries through to Moqueca’s flavour.

The freshness of the ingredients in Moqueca is enhanced by coriander and tomato that forms the base of the stew. With onions and garlic, to really ramp things up, Moqueca, in the way only a real badass could, rebels against traditional taste profiles and smashes together the best bits of bolognese and fish tacos.

Bold flavour without the heaviness of a hearty stew or sauce, Moqueca is super for spring. If you want to feast like a badass without actually having to catch your own swordfish ( or plan around a food coma) order Moqueca online now.

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