A signature dish of China's spicy Sichuan cuisine, Ma Po Tofu was supposedly named after the old woman who created it.

As a child she had suffered from smallpox, and her restaurant’s regulars would call her “Mrs Ma” (Mrs Pockmark).

Apparently she didn’t mind this (um, awful) nickname and Mrs Ma became Ma Po (from pópo meaning grandma) as she grew older. 

Her little restaurant served mainly transport workers, who asked her to cook beef and tofu for them.

Ma Po developed a cooking technique using these ingredients that made her very famous, and there was always a long line for her invention: Ma Po Tofu.

Spice seekers will love this beefy tofu treat as it's chockablock with chilli, and the Szechuan peppers have a tingly numbing effect on your mouth. 

If you're into that.

Chow down on this Chinese gem if you dare.