The most sacred day for Australia's 70,000+ (census completing) Jedi has arrived. May the Fourth is here and what better way to celebrate than to sit back with your favourite films and chow down on some perfectly punny themed takeaway. To help get the party started we have pulled together the most magnificent menu you could find anywhere from here to a galaxy far far away. 

Don't let your May the Fourth meal let you down.


Wedges Antilles

If you're a bit of a Rebel, these crisp potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream will taste so good you'll think you can fly.

C3-PO- tatoes

Golden roast potatoes so good, even a protocol droid couldn't turn them down.

Ana-Kimchi Skywalker

Delicious homemade Kimchi, good enough to tempt you to the dark side.

A warning to those who would cook tonight. Sometimes the theme can get in the way of taste.



Creamy carbonara on fine fettucini. Even a bounty hunter would struggle to find a superior taste. 

Ewok fried noodles

Succulent chicken, crisp vegetables and fresh hokkien noodles in a soy and sesame sauce. No Ewoks were harmed in the making of this dish.


Odds are you'll love this angus patty with cheese, tomato relish, onion and lettuce, but, we'd never tell you the odds.

Chilli-ennium Falcon

Rich chilli con carne so hot enough to send your mouth into hyperdrive

Queen A-Masala

The most beautiful of all the ruling curries, it's excellence will go down in galactic history. 

Even clones know that today deserves a special meal.


Chocolate Leia Cake

Layers of smooth chocolate mousse, sandwiched by rich chocolate cake, you will want to eat so much of this dessert that you will have to think about ordering your gold bikini in the next size.

Luke Skywaffles

Crisp Belgian waffles with poached strawberries, ice cream. Remember: the chocolate sauce is strong with this one.

Wookies and Cream Cheesecake

Cheesecake so delicious it will put hair on your chest.

"But Aunt Beru, Uncle Owen said we could get takeaway tonight."


Yoda Soda

Drink many bubbles, you will. Available in cola, lemonade or orange.

Bantha Milk

A blue heaven milkshake you'll want to share with your whole family, especially your aunt and uncle.  


Time to sit back, load up your favourite StarWars movie and enjoy a night off cooking. Order online now.