Margherita Pizza (although she prefers to be referred to as Her Munchesty, The Queen) claims royal status and power over the other pizza flavours based on a 120 year old legend that the pizza was created in honour of the visiting Queen of Savoy.

While this “majesty” is questionable due to the selection of ingredients based on the colours of the Italian flag, rather than pure taste (although cheese, tomato and basil do combine to taste pretty darn good), this pizza has survived many years on a predictable, yet loyal following

Even though it is ignored by some for lack of tasty pizza toppings such as meat, mushrooms and veggies, it is because of Margherita that pizza is as delicious as we know it to be today.

Whether on behalf of the queen or not, Pizzaoilio (Italian for divine pizza oracle and gift of god unto man) Raffaele Esposito, was responsible for creating the Margherita, most notably, as the first pizza to include cheese. Thus, royal or not, this birth defined our future understanding of this mighty meal.

So all hail the “Queen of pizza”, and long may she reign.