If a sausage roll and spring roll fell in love and had a baby, chances are it would look a lot like lobak.

Mighty minced pork is mixed with Chinese five spice powder and a smidge of soy sauce before being rolled up in bean curd sheets that are as thin as cellophane.

Then these perfect pork parcels are fried, because the Malaysians have figured out what Australian sausage rolls have been missing all these years.

On a side note – in case you ever find yourself on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – there are usually about seven ingredients in five spice. The name is more about the five tastes (bitter, sweet, sour, salty, spicy). Just FYI.

Malaysian hawkers sell lobak served with chilli sauce and sweet, sticky hoisin sauce. It’s technically considered an appetiser, but eating enough of anything automatically makes it a main meal, right?

Stop longing for some lovely lobak and order now!