We’ve all felt the cold sting of defeat that comes with not being able to finish a drool worthy takeaway meal. While the joy that is reheated bolognaise is difficult to rival, there are several delivered meals that we throw away simply because we don’t know how to ensure maximum deliciousness the next day.

Well, that day is gone. No more shall you mourn your lost coconut rice or quesadillas, (there is no need to keep that receipt in your pocket for ”old time’s sake”) now that you have the tools to turn lamentable leftovers into tomorrow’s taste sensations.

Yes you can, Liz Lemon! Yes you can.

Down with Microwaves

Taste and texture are fragile things and need to be handled like a petite and delicate flower. Would you nuke the perfect rose? Of course not, so don’t do it to delicious takeaway morsels.

The face says it all

Radical Rice

Rice, fried, coconut or otherwise will taste way better if you add a dash of olive oil and stir through in a pot. Re-fluffed and packed with flavour, your tongue will thank you for that little extra effort.

Re-fluffed rice is Slow Lorris Approved

Fry-Pan Favourites

Pizza and chips are amazing anytime, anywhere, but reheating them brings misery to all. You’ve all watched as these foods enter this unexplained state of being simultaneously soggy and dry, and wondered how such godly fare could taste so much like cardboard.

Restore pizza and chips to their former glory by reheating them in a skillet or pan, and never again wonder about their fall from grace.

Finger Lickin’ Chicken, Beef & Lamb

If you’re after jerky, then by all means just microwave your meats. If tough, scaly meat doesn’t make your mouth water then we have other options for you.

Wrap your meat tightly in foil and place in the oven on a low setting. If you are really in a hurry, then you can microwave meats carefully. Cover the container with a moist paper towel to encourage steam to work its way through the dish and your meat will stay surprisingly succulent.

The Microwave Might Manage

We can’t just hate on the good ol’ microwave. While many of the above dishes are tricky, sauce based foods are actually pretty darn good in the microwave, with curries and pasta dishes helped by the overnight settling of herbs and spices giving them that extra boost the next day.

That said, creamy sauces, like carbonara can burn and thicken in the microwave, so you might want to try reheating them with a quick stir through in a pot.

Tips on reheating your leftover child stars- COMING SOON

Time to try out these tasty tricks? Order now and double your delight with the leftovers tomorrow.