You love food and so you probably have some skills in the kitchen. But unless you won the last season of Master Chef there are just some foods that are always going to be better ordered in. Here are the top tasty treats that are best left to the pros.


Five words. Carne Asada and Al Pastor. Getting the marinade and grilling right for these kings of taco fillings is a difficult balancing act. The whole point of tacos is their simplicity and if you’re going to the trouble to marinate meat, you’re heading straight down Difficulty Drive right towards the centre of Struggle Town. Leave it to the experts and enjoy perfect meaty tacos every time.

Bad tacos are a crime against humanity

Lamb Rogan Josh (or any curry based dish)

Unless you are using an authentic Indian recipe handed down to you from your ancestors, it might be best to let the professionals do it. You may think you’ve got the spice mixes down and the correct level of tenderness in your meat, but by the time you do all that (and still find it tasting sub par) you could have ordered and eaten 10 spectacular dishes.

Warning: too many spices may have adverse psychological effects

French Fries

Just don’t do it. Unless you perfectly deep-fry them, your fries will be a soggy mockery of all that is good about hot chips. If you do have a deep fryer, you’d better be prepared for your house to reek of a stale bus ride, and fumes that make your eyes burn with the fire of a thousand suns.

Frylock is warning you

Wood Fired Pizza

Even if you have a proper pizza oven at home, the first few pizzas are always going to turn out a bit dodgy. That’s because it takes a good amount of time, and a few trial runs, for the oven to be ready to turn out pizza perfection. You could waste a few hours and three batches of dough or you could just order online. It’s up to you.

We’re always happy to see the pizza guy

Pretty Much Anything, Unless You’re a Chef

You might have the best recipe ever, but it won’t always turn out the same as it does in the restaurant or even as it did the last time you made it.

You don’t have the training to identify and respond to the minor variations in each cooking event. Are you cooking with enough real fat? What kind of salt are you using? (Yes, there are heaps of different kinds of salt.) Is your food heating evenly enough? These are all things chefs can tell, but you might miss, that can severely impact the deliciousness of your food. Plus, you don’t have the practice of cooking the same exact dish 15 times every day, so you’re way behind.

This real housewife knows what’s up

Thinking about skipping that cooking experiment and sourcing dinner straight from the pros? Order online now.