Larb, or larp, laap, lahp, lahb is the national dish of Laos, and a legend of Laotian and Thai cuisine. Just like the king of not knowing how to spell his own name, William Shakespeare (Shakespear, Shakspeare, Shakspere), Larb has a long history of being widely adored and welcomed into the menus of many cultures.

Spelling aside, (because, who are we kidding, it could be spelled “xztrcfs” as long as it tastes good), Larb teeters that tasty line between salad and hamburger.

A mince based salad, it offers the strong, hearty taste of juicy, marinated meat balanced by the freshness of lime and mint. A crisp, summertime saltiness with a kick of spice makes Larb one of the best reasons to find yourself with meaty stock running from the corners of your mouth.

If you thought it was called “Larb” because that’s the noise you make as your eyes roll back in your head in tasty bliss, you’d be totally wrong, but no one would blame you because it’s a pretty good guess.

Find out why the taste of Larb, makes people so happy they forget to care how it’s spelled. Order online now.