EatNow Blog: July’s National Food Days


July is one of our fave months ‘cause there are just so many national food days to be had. We cherry-picked the ultimate ones to enjoy. It was really hard to just pick a handful but we got there in the end.

National Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day, Friday 1st July

Sure, you could celebrate National Ice Cream Day on the 17th of this month, but why not celebrate National Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day instead? That means, ordering something other than chocolate and trying something new like celery and peanut butter, lychee and chilli, or green tea? You can always order a second scoop of your fave.

National Eat Beans Day, Sunday 3rd July

We know you’re full of beans, but why not make that literal and actually be full of beans? There’s never been a better day to do it. You could go for plain old baked beans on toast, or you could live a little and have them in a jaffle with some melty cheese.

National BBQ Spare Ribs Day, Monday 4th July

The 4th of July is a famous day already, but it is also famous for another reason: BBQ Spare Ribs Day. Marinate, cook, eat, repeat.

National Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day, Wednesday 6th July

This is a real day, we kid you not. But we know your webmaster is probably busy doing all those fancy changes to your sparkly new website, so maybe you should drop some hints to find out their favourite food and order them some food on EatNow.

National French Fries Day, Wednesday 13th July

Looking for an excuse to order hot chips? Well, we just gave you one.

National Chicken Wing Day, Friday 29th July

Chicken wing lovers unite. This day is for you. Get together with your mates and chow down on your wings, whether they be hot and spicy, sweet and sticky, or fried.

National Cheesecake Day, Saturday 30th July

Isn’t cheesecake just the best? You can add almost any flavour to it and it will still taste good. You can have it baked or unbaked, or even have the cheese replaced with nuts for vegans. How? ‘Cause it is a cheesecake, my friend. And, because where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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