The mystery of the gloriousness of food is deep and historic. Why is cheese better burnt? Why does fried stuff taste so darn good, and who was the genius that worked out that tomato and basil should be a thing? As wise as we like to think we are, we can’t answer these questions. What we can do is solve the smaller, everyday takeaway mysteries, and help you keep focus on the deliciousness of the dinner in front of you.

Is The Hot Takeaway Delivery Driver Flirting With You?

This one is tricky. You want an element of friendliness in the person dropping off your dinner but when does that friendliness become something more.


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  • Awkwardly standing in the doorway, finding odd reasons to continue the conversation
  • Making jokes other than some crack about this being your 3rd order this week
  • Paying you compliments even though your witty banter is mostly grunts and you look like you just/ did just rolled out of bed
  • Touching hands on the pizza box and then lingering just that little bit longer than normal

Not Flirting:

  • Awkwardly standing in the doorway until you remember you forgot to pay them
  • Making jokes about this being your 3rd order this week
  • Complimenting your choice of order
  • Touching hands on the pizza box, just ‘cause you snatched it from them

Is It Wrong To Eat Finger Food On A Date

This one comes up a lot. There are really two camps.


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If the date is someone you’re supposed to be with they’ll probably start shoving fries and pizza in their mouths with their hands too. If you’re the kind of person that eats pizza with a knife and fork, your true love will be down with that.

Is It OK To Pick From Your Date's Plate?

Sharing food is the deepest form of intimacy. Don’t assume you’ve hit that level - wait to be invited. If you think you’ll be tempted, order your own chips and dessert.


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Is It Creepy To Send Your Crush A Pizza?

Of course not! That’s a great gesture, unless they didn’t give you their address and phone number. Then you’re stalking. Stop it. Send us the pizza instead ;)


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Is Free Garlic Bread Just Good Business Or Is The Chef Trying To Send You A Message

Free garlic bread is what it is, a fragrant buttery sign of appreciation from a business savvy restaurateur. Unless there is a rolled up piece of paper in the loaf, don’t read anything into it.



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Now that your burning takeaway questions have been resolved, you’re ready to enjoy a meal without wondering what it’s all about. Order online now.