It’s the most wonderful time of the year (if you love sugar and pretending to be someone else.) Halloween is the perfect time to pay homage to your heroes, by donning a pair of tights and following their look as closely as $30 and 3 almost dried up sharpies will let you. These heroes, come in all shapes and sizes, which means many of us food fans will be worshipping the dinner demi-gods through costume this year.

If you’re having as much trouble choosing a food to dress up as, as you would choosing from your favourites on a menu, here are some ideas to get you going.

Happy the Halloween Hamburger

Ham it up at this year’s Halloween party by showing off those cute buns. You’ll be starting the night out already looking a little seedy, so things can only improve from there.

Partying Mushroom Pizza

Time to get a little saucy and show everyone that you’re really a fungi.

This costume also doubles as a comfortable sleeping mat, should you find you’ve enjoyed Halloween a little too much.

Sassy Cartoon Hot Dog

This costume tells everyone you’re keen as mustard about the world’s favourite sausage and bread combo. The cartoon hands show your date you have a softer side, while also making it nearly impossible to drink too much (or at all, given they only have 3 fingers).

Hot and Saucy: Chips and Ketchup


Time to ketchup with your best mate and become this saucesome costumed duo.

Remember: just try not to be too chipper around people who prefer wedges, they might say something in-salting.

Time To Party Taco

Spice things up this Halloween with this tasty numero. The hard shell version comes complete with a solid plastic corn cover, so your friends can’t accuse you of being soft.

Super Sized Sushi

Rice to the occasion and get the party on a roll with this delicious costume. Choose this number if you want to be told your costume was A+ while your date’s wasabi, at best.

Costume decisions are hard and should never be made on an empty stomach. Ponder your choices over your favourite meal. Order online now.