If you’re like us and your perfect Friday night is staying at home with a cheeky meal, a good movie and as little human contact as possible, it can be hard to meet new people. And when the time comes that you are forced to speak with other humans, it can be pretty difficult to find the right thing to say. Usually, in these situations, food is a good diversion (you can’t talk to people with your mouth full, right?) but we’re here to tell you that food can be a help, rather than a hinderance to your blossoming into a social butterfly.

 There's no need to be shy when you've always got food to talk about.

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A Taste For Conversation

Striking up conversation is one of the hardest things about being around new people. You need to find common ground, something you can mention that other people will have opinions on or experience with. Luckily for you, everybody eats. Bringing up the food (or lack thereof) or approaching people while visiting the snack table is a brilliant start.  

Fact - everyone likes to talk about food. 

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Sharing Is Caring

Smaller / sit down events are always awkward. You’re with the same few people the whole time, and if they’re not the talkative type either, things get awkward pretty darn quick. Offering someone a slice of the pizza, or asking them if they’re enjoying the pad thai the host ordered in will serve up a good start to a convo.

This doesn't have to be you.

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A Dinner Invitation

When you finally do meet people you want to spend time with, it can be hard to catch up with them without having to deal with loud music, hard chairs and pants that aren’t track or pyjama. Inviting a small group around to share some Chinese or Indian will help you relax and firm up those relationships. 

Acting natural and enjoying yourself is not as hard as it might seem.

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So, get some inspiration for your next social situation and order online now.