Step 1: Set Yourself Up To Impress

– downplay your cooking skills.  Say you’d like to cook your date a dinner of “something simple”

Step 2: Create Evidence

Put some bowls and pots in the sink “to soak.” Boil plain water on the stove for pasta, curry, soup or noodle based meals or grill some bread and a garlic clove in the oven on low for pizza or other baked dishes. Create the illusion of cooking.

Step 3: Cunningly Order The Food

Be your witty and charming self (If you're not witty and charming try to highlight your own awesome qualities).

Entertain your date in another room. Return to the kitchen occasionally to “check on the food”. Use one of these opportunities to order your takeaway delivery and refill your date’s alcoholic beverage.

Step 4: Smuggle The Snacks

When the food arrives, explain to your date you need to grab something from your car. Meet the delivery person outside and put the food in a backpack (from the car or elsewhere). High five them for helping you pull off the perfect ruse. Grab flowers or chocolates from the same location. Distract your date with gifts.

Step 5: Present Your "Creation"

Bang around in the kitchen a bit, then “soak” your pot or tray. Plate up your meal and enter the dinning room/ lounge looking triumphant.

Step 6: Reap Delicious Benefits

Savour looking impressive and raking in the brownie points. Humbly accept your date’s compliments, as if you don’t deserve them. Watch their eyes fill with adoration.

Step 7: Enjoy

... a delicious meal that someone else cooked and have an awesome Valentine’s Day.

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