You’ve only just gone back to work, or maybe you’re one of the lucky few still chilling on the beach, but either way, chances are you’ve slipped up and stopped living that healthy life. Lucky for you, a diet of healthy snacks and food doesn’t have to be hard when you order in. It’s easy to be healthy when you’ve got us for mates to point you in the right direction.

Vegetarian quiche

There aren’t too many vegetarian meals that get us super excited, but this tasty vegetarian quiche sure is on par with a vegetable curry and vegetarian lasagna. With its buttery pastry and egg filling that tastes super creamy and delish, you won’t even notice you’re eating vegetables when you’ve taken your first bite.


Order vegetarian quiche from Cafe SGB, St Morris, SA

Chicken and grain salad

A buddha bowl of chicken and grain salad doesn’t get much better than this. Not only is it super light and healthy, unlike a heavy pasta salad or potato salad, but it’s also super insta-worthy. Just one look at #buddhabowl on Instagram will show you that and have you on your way to showing off your great figure in no time.


Order chicken and grain salad from Eatwell Cafe, Balaclava, VIC

Vegetarian pasta

We’ve never met Italian food or pasta dishes we didn’t like, so naturally this one is no exception. Vegetable risotto and cannelloni are always winning dishes but an easy vegetarian meal to order that tastes as good as this is music to our ears. Loaded with mushrooms, capscicum, olives, sundried tomato and eggplant, a plate of vegetarian pasta is like eating your way through a secret garden.


Order vegetarian pasta from Mancini's Italian Restaurant, Belfield, NSW

Prawn rice paper rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are super crunchy and golden but for a cheat way to get your veg intake, skip another meal of fine fried goods, and order healthy and fresh Vietnamese rice paper rolls instead. These little bundles are so good when you’re sitting poolside, but make sure you don’t forget the rice paper roll dipping sauce!

rice paper roll

Order prawn rice paper roll from Wrap n Rice Thai Cafe, North Perth, WA

Veggie burger

Who wants a chicken burger or hamburger after weeks of festive feasting? Lentil burgers and veggie patties are just what you need to get you back on track. With smoky roasted capsicums, feta, and basil pesto, it may almost be enough to convert you to be a meat-free eater sometimes.


Order a veggie burger from Burger Edge, Glen Waverley, VIC