2015 is really gearing up and so are our tastiest hopes and dreams. This year could have the right ingredients to cook up one of the most tantalizing takeaway years yet.

Here are the delicious developments that we have our fingers ( and toes) crossed for.

  • Drops in fuel prices could result in savings for delivery restaurants, resulting in more free garlic bread

Make it rain!

Likelihood: The fortune in your cookie will be vaguely relevant to your life

  • Scientists could finally invent crumble free hard taco shells

We feel you, McCain.

Likelihood: You'll get an extra serve of roti in your order

  • Someone could perfect the rice to dish ratio

That feeling when all the teriyaki beef is gone and you're still hungry.

Likelihood:You'll just happen to order takeaway on buy one get one free night. 

  • Developments in toothpaste could stop seeds and spinach getting stuck in your teeth

Who wore it better?

Likelihood: You will be the restaurant's 10,000th customer and get free dinner for life

  • They could invent a better spice grading system that matches to your specific tastes

I'll have the 11 with extra ghost chillies please.

Likelihood: You will not burn your mouth on the first piece of pizza

  • We could finally be able to teleport or download takeaway

Likelihood:  They will discover that butter chicken cures all known human ailments

Don't be sad that none of these achievements have yet been made. Enjoy the current takeaway options you do have while contemplating what the year ahead could bring. Order online now.