April has truly been the month of the holidays. With so many holidays in a row (and a few sneaky days taken in between) are you feeling like you haven’t made the most of your time off? It’s time to kick your feet up and relax without the stress of cooking or cleaning up.

Pumpkin ravioli

Italians sure know how to kick back and relax. Take a page from their book and treat yourself to a steaming hot serving of pumpkin ravioli. As we head into winter it sure beats pumpkin soup, has more flavour than gnocchi and is healthier than carbonara.


Try it at Bocconcini Pizza Pasta Tapas, Elsternwick, VIC

Chilli mussels

Add some muscle to your holiday plans and swap fish or salmon for chilli mussels. These mussels are cooked with wine, napolitana sauce, garlic and chilli, and are bursting with flavour. That’s how you heat up your holidays.


Try it at Osteria Cafe and Restaurant, Crawley, WA

Crispy duck pancakes

Duck pancakes are a must when you are quacking for some Chinese. Holidays need to be enjoyed, so don’t stress over cooking duck recipes at home. Get your fingers busy wrapping Mandarin pancakes around succulent Peking duck meat.

duck pancake

Try it at Choyan Restaurant, Gourdon, NSW

Lamb backstraps

Strap yourself up for the holidays with melt-in-your-mouth lamb backstraps. It’s time to let your tastebuds take a trip from your go-to meat (chicken), and go travelling to the land of lamb.


Try it at Sazio Italian Restaurant, Black Rock, VIC

Mango sticky rice

Holidays are a time for you to indulge in tasty treats. If you feel like something sweet, look no further than your local Thai restaurant. Mango sticky rice is a great way to reward your hard work and goes down a treat after a pad Thai – it also tastes a lot better than plain rice for dessert!

mango rice

Try it at Smile Thai Cuisine, West Melburne, VIC

Angus Burger (The Suburban Burger)

One way to wisely use time off from work is to get your hands dirty – and we’re not talking about doing overdue maintenance work or weeding the garden. We’re talking about getting your hands covered in delicious sauce and filling whilst chomping down on a burger. An Angus burger is a great way to enjoy Aussie beef, and it’s much more exciting than a steak.


Try it at Suburban Burger, Dandenong South, VIC