When it comes to handheld hunger busters, two hands are overrated. We’re all about foods that we can eat with one hand. Why? Because you really need to keep that other hand free so you can continue to scroll through your social feeds with ease.


When thinking about one-handed food, pizza is sometimes forgotten. There are so many ways to eat it one-handed, too. Like folding it in half, eating it backwards and even, stacking – you can still eat some stacked slices with one hand and probably in half the time it would normally take.


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Satay sticks

Because food on sticks is always going to be a one-handed affair.


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Sushi cones

Sushi cones can really elevate your sushi game, giving the illusion of you being more worldly and up to date with food trends. What we’re basically saying is that sushi cones are the perfect one-handed meal that raise your street cred in the food stakes.


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We almost forgot about these bad boys. Profiteroles are the perfect bite-sized treat and neatly fit into the palm of your hand.


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Waffle fries

Waffle fries are for when you have already had hot chips this week. Plus, they are just a little more fun.


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Rice paper rolls

Delicious in every way, and featuring all the healthy stuff you need: protein, carbs and salad.

rice paper

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Paddle Pops

Remember how we said food on sticks are great choices for one-handed meals? Paddle Pops are just further proof.

ice cream

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