Spring has sprung and the seasonal shift in our appetites is well underway. Under the gloom of winter our tummies crave heavy, warm, rich foods to lift us out of our cloud-covered moping and soothe our chilly bones. Almost unexpectedly (even though it is quite literally a yearly event), spring arrives and we start to desire lighter, more cheerful foods to match our surroundings and our suddenly more positive outlook on life.

The top takeaways for spring embody everything we love about the season. They’re light, fresh and crisp (often colourful and featuring lamb). They’re also practical, with the best spring foods being handheld for easy indoor, outdoor consumption. For the perfect spring supper try the dishes below:

Spring rolls

This one is a no-brainer. The name literally tells you they’re a great spring food. Crispy, light, handheld and full of veggies, spring rolls are what would happen if Mother Nature was given a Kylie Kwong cookbook. Accompanied on this list by their close cousin, the rice paper roll, which is full of crunchy salad and uplifting flavours, spring rolls are the perfect way to celebrate all things in bloom.


These bite-sized beauties have spring written all over them. They’re served cool, and use ingredients that fall on your stomach as gently as a petal in a September breeze. Again, their handheld proportions make them perfect for springtime outdoor dining and their fresh deliciousness will make your tummy beam like the dawning spring sun. This dish also has a close spring food relative - sashimi, which gets a special mention as it is the freshest springtime snack you could possibly get.

Lamb Souvlaki

Lamb is best in spring. It’s more readily available at springtime and tastes better when the salads that encase it are locally in season. With the cool flavour of garlic sauce, and other fresh fillings, this Greek dish is, surprisingly, considered very Australian. In the words of Sam Kekovich, we love our lamb (souvlaki)

Mexican Street Food

Mexico is a place of perpetual springtime, so it makes sense that their foods would fit the season. Soft fluffy tortillas, handheld portions, fresh salads and grilled meats make tacos, quesadillas, and fajitas ideal for spring suppers.

Satay (and other food-on-a-stick)

Grilled meat on a stick. Could you ever turn it down? It’s fresh, flavoursome and functional. And the sauces… oh my god the sauces. Sticky, drippy, salty deliciousness. Satay, skewers, and kebabs are the perfect round out to a brilliant spring feast.  

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