This weekend is a weekend that only happens once a year. Footy grand finals. To get you through it, we’ve created a menu for you to stay fuelled throughout Saturday and Sunday, plus facilitate your recovery on Monday.


Breakfast: It’s smoothie time. Give yourself a liquid boost and while it’s nourishing your insides, chow down on some muesli.


Lunch: Time to get all up in some spaghetti strands cause oodles of noodles are the best kind of fuel.


Snack attack: Need an energy boost? You can’t go wrong with nuts but if you need something a bit more substantial, there’s always sushi. Your best bet’s brown rice with salmon and avocado – plenty of good fats there.   


Dinner: Enjoy some Thai steamed fish with lemon and ginger, or some Indian tandoori fish tikka. Something fishy going on? Nope, just a party of epic proportions in your tummy.


Dessert: Sweet tooth got you going bad? Don’t worry, we know just what to do with you … give you a banana split.

banana split

So, technically you ate pretty well all weekend. Now it’s Monday and you deserve to treat yo self. Here’s some meals that are a total treat and won’t ruin all your hard work, or your Tuesday (too much, anyway):


  •         A serving of Punjabi chilli prawns
  •         A steak and chip sanga
  •         Some teriyaki salmon
  •         A Turkish pide with spinach and feta
  •         Delicious cashew chicken
  •         A bowl of penne puttanesca

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