*Warning! this article may contain traces of nuts

Imagine Satay Salad. Yep. Gado-Gado is that great. Lightly steamed veg, fried tofu and hard boiled eggs smothered in sweet and salty satay sauce, make for a mouthful you don’t wanna miss.

Rich, yet fresh, this delicious Indonesian dish served with lontong (rice wrapped in a banana leaf), is a ready made party for the your palate. If aficionados of the appetising are anything to go by, the popularity of satay sauce in other dishes makes Gado-Gado both one of the most underrated dishes in Australia, and poised to take our tastebuds by storm.

Kicking cabbage, corn, potatoes, bean sprouts and spinach up several notches, the seductive satay makes this salad seriously satisfying. If peanuts are your preference or if you long for a salad more succulent and salty than any before, you gotta gotta get Gado-Gado.