There are few things in this world more excellent than coconut, curry, and noodles. A baby echidna, maybe, but it's a close call.

There are two major variations to consider here: curry laksa (the one everybody knows) and asam laksa (the lesser-known Penang specialty). Let's start with ol' faithful.

The exotic explosion of coconut and chilli in curry laksa is soothed by slippery white rice noodles, prawns and/or chicken, fried tofu puffs and bean sprouts, plus lime, chilli sambal and Vietnamese mint leaves to top it all off.

Instead of coconut, asam laksa uses tamarind to create a sensational sour base. Not your puckered-eating-a-lemon-face kind of sour though, because this spicy little devil covers its bases. Everything on the taste rainbow is included: sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and umami.

This Penang delicacy is a must for seafood devotees and rookies alike, because there's really nothing quite like it. Whether you're an asam addict or a curry craver, order yourself a big bowl of noodle-y niceness tonight.