Congratulations! You survived the start of Winter. To reward your bravery in the face of neverending gloom and impending head colds, we’re going to cut you in on a couple of highly confidential industry secrets. The following list is for your eyes only and will ~*probably*~ blow up your phone if you try and show it to a friend. We’re about to tell you the foods best designed to eat while you keep yourself warm.

Ugg Boot Takeaway:

Uggs (and the far cheaper and arguably superior department store knockoffs) are fuzzy. Their real/faux suede exterior makes them a prime target for permanent sauce stains. While eating over your lap (and running the risk of dripping on your feet) is advisable, you should avoid oily or sauce based foods if you want to keep your booties beauties.

Instead of things with delicious sauces and gravies opt for:

Yeah, this is the opposite of how to enjoy takeaway in Ugg Boots... although technically, he hasn't ignored our advice.

source: TheGlossDotCom via Tumblr

Onesie Takeaway:

We all know the trouble with onesies. They keep you warm… until you have to go to the bathroom and remove all of your clothes.

To avoid this issue you should order:

  • Starchy foods like Pizza and Fries
  • Wraps/ Kebabs
  • Milkshakes/ Lassies and other dense drinks
  • Mild versions of anything deliciously spicy

Macklemore knows how to work with onesie friendly foods


Snuggie Takeaway:

Look. There is no shame in staying warm, no matter how ludicrous your warming mechanism might seem. We are all for the Snuggie™ and the comfort it represents, which is why we’ve spent time discovering the best foods to eat while wearing it. This particular winter survival tool, comes with some pretty cumbersome sleeves, that don’t like to stay in the upright and locked position.

For this reason we recommend avoiding liquid foods and opting for things like:

 Liz Lemon knows how to match her attire to her dinner.

source: Tumblr

Time to get cleverly toasty and tasty. Order online now.

title image source: Eyecandy Via wordpress