Many think the stars influence your personality and determine your destiny, but others believe that you are what you eat and our food defines us. If that’s true, most of us are defined by Margherita pizza and cookie dough.

Food speaks to our souls and if your fave food really means as much as your star sign, then your favourite of these 12 food signs will reveal what you’re really made of.


Affable and well-liked, Pizzas often spread themselves thin, wanting to please everyone. While they’re pretty well-balanced and versatile they can have a split personality. They often present two different sides, based on who they’re with and whether or not that person likes olives.


Known for their adaptive nature, Pastas manage well with pretty much everything you can throw at them. They are incredibly flexible and resilient and know how to get themselves and others out of hot water. This flexibility can make them seem like pushovers. While they are big softies, they also have the strength to balance out the other strong personalities they come in contact with.  


While warm and comforting to those they spend time with, Risottos maintain an aloof impression. Their attachment to tradition and resistance to change can leave a slightly sour taste in your mouth, but time spent allowing their full flavour to develop, reveals them to be rich, complex, and even quite sweet.


Sometimes trying to tie down a free-spirited Noodle is frustrating for those around them. Happiest on the move – working their way through new cultures and ideas, they are known for their flexibility and compatibility. Full of personality, they are readily adaptable, exploring the passions of the people around them to enhance their own tastes.


First impressions always label Satay as “that nutty one”, but more time spent with them reveals they are actually pretty complex. Their eccentricities make them fun but can distract people from their own similarities with Satays. This gives them broad appeal so they are generally well liked, but it takes time for others to understand their true richness.


Sushi people are often read as aloof and uptight. While intelligent and health conscious (it’s all the omega 3s), their need for organisation and ability to compartmentalise their lives, has them appear to be very tightly wound. The upside of this trait leaves them prepared for any situation and able to immediately assist when they’re needed.


The most adventurous of the bunch, Curries are bold, distinctive and a little fiery. Despite being hard to handle, they have a sweetness that provides an inescapable charm. Those burnt by a Curry will almost always return, unable to resist the call of the intensity of their last encounter.


Highly practical and typically straightforward, Tikkas are great to have in a busy or stressful situation (perhaps why they are so popular on the streets of India). While, at first bite, they may appear a little bland when they are removed from the heat of professional scrutiny, their wild side can really spice up an atmosphere.


Biryani encourage the doers of the world. Solid, selfless leaders, they are best at teamwork, and help coordinate large groups to create the recipe for positive and harmonious achievement of major goals. Unphased by obstacles and challenges, they respond well to change and easily appropriate experiences and traits of others to achieve the task at hand.


Genial and approachable, Burgers have big hearts and use their openness to connect with people from all walks of life. This ability makes them very successful but makes it difficult for them to really establish who they are. While trying to find themselves can sometimes make them seem heavy and a little dark (or even dressed in beetroot), Burgers are still, always a pleasure to meat.


Often viewed as fussy and narrow-minded, Fish & Chips are largely misunderstood. While they may prefer tradition and simplicity, this is mostly because they have found the best version of themselves – honed it over time - and stuck with it. This happiness within themselves is what those who know them love most.


The most passionate of the group, Ribs are soulful and slightly sweet, yet powerful people. They often convey a masculine air, regardless of gender, but have a distinct softer side. Ribs’ passion can be challenging, like a piece of food stuck in your teeth, but once a friendship is forged, they offer excellent company.

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