If you’ve never bitten into anything so delicate and light that your tongue practically wrote and sang its own aria in response, then it’s probably time you tried Tempura.

This ancient Japanese art of making you crave vegetables offers the crispiest, yet daintiest batter you could ever imagine. Like fish and chips deep fried in the tears of a thousand angels, the first bite into Tempura seafood or veggies releases all your fears and anxieties so that your body is suddenly awash with all your hopes and dreams.*

Made by gently agitating flour in ice water with chopsticks, the batter is the key to Tempura’s heavenly texture. The difference in temperature between the batter and the frying oil creates that divinely thin coating that softly cradles your prawns and broccoli.

Light and buttery, the coating mixed with soy or other dipping sauces, creates and simultaneously smooth yet sharp taste that will make your tongue think it has died and gone to heaven.

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* Individual results may vary.