Nobody likes you in gloomy Gus mode, and no one is fun when they’ve got the hangries (read as: inescapable hunger rage). Last night’s dinner may have something to do with your mood and resulting popularity today. A few meals without the right foods can leave you wearing your cranky pants. Luckily, we’ve got some hints on ordering today’s noms to help you wake up a Jolly Jeff tomorrow.

Grumpy Cat does not approve of your desire for happiness

Keep Those Carbs

Amino acids in carbo-loaded foods help produce the all important happy-fun times chemicals in your brain. A chemical called tryptophan (the care-bear of amino acids) is important in the production of the neuro-transmitter serotonin (lifts moods like Arnie lifts weights). Feeling flat and grumpy? Some pasta could help you turn that frown upside down.

Sure, Regina. Whatever you think.

Fuel Fun Times with Fish

We’ve all heard about the magical Omega-3 fatty acids and their brain boosting powers, but there’s some research to suggest that they could also build good defenses against depression. Fill up on fish to keep the proverbial glass half-full. Just be sure the fish is of the two-eyed variety.

Don't eat Blinky! He's a national treasure

Mediterranean Menus Make Us Merry

Studies show that many Greek and Italian dishes offer the right balances of amino acids and vitamins, particularly folate and B-12, to keep us perky. Olive oil, and dark green veggies like spinach are huge contributors to Mediterranean merriment. No wonder Popeye was such a chuckler.

"I loves me spinach, and me Olive Oyl loves me."

Stay Sunny With Selenium

Studies are starting to suggest that our selenium intake could be a real mood booster. So get some pork on your fork, then follow it up with some seafood, beef and chicken- basically anything off a Chinese menu will do it.

Pauly D is, first and foremost, a connoisseur of fine international fare.

Still got your phasers set to grump? Might be time to get some good mood food. Order some fun boosting bites and beverages here.

Until your order arrives, here’s a kitty gif to brighten your day.