Favourite foods on their own are amazing but over the last few years, chefs across the world have started to realise that fave feeds together are nothing short of genius. There are now hundreds of hunger busting hybrids that will keep your tongue guessing and your tummy grateful. While many of these moreish miracles haven’t reached our shores yet, there’s nothing stopping you choosing your faves to combine from the right choices in your next order.    


There are a heap of mash-ups that fall under the category of cake. Burger cake, sushi cake and the Cherpumple ( Cherry, Pumpkin and Apple pie baked into a cake) are just a few. Great for non-traditional weddings and even greater for a mind-blowingly tasty treat - cake mash-ups, well, take the cake.  


Burgers are another base for the imaginative wanderings of mashup chefs, in this case the standard bun is made from another food to create an entirely different meal. Ramen noodles, Mac and cheese, donuts and more make this long serving lunchable a new appetising adventure.


After trying to decipher the difference between Cronuts (donuts + croissants), bronuts (donuts + burgers), doughscuits (dounuts + scones), and Krispy Kreme sloppy joes (donuts + minced/ spiced meat) you’d be trying not to go nuts - but these mighty mash-ups will have you coming back for more.


One of the more original of the mash-up munchables, a sushirito is like a giant handroll that you eat as you would a burrito. Fresh, filling and portable, sushirito is the envy of all other sushi.

source:  shushiritto.com

Pizza Burger Vs. Burger Pizza

This is where things get difficult. A Pizza Burger is a large burger served in slices so you can share it with your friends. A burger pizza is a pizza covered with burger mince or, better yet, tiny burger patties baked into the crust. You have now learned something useful today. You’re welcome.

source:  the guardian.com

Ready to become the next mash-up making genius? Order your fave feasts now and practice combining their truest tastes.

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