Halloween isn't everybody's thing, and that's ok (if you have something against free lollies then that means more for us), but NOT celebrating doesn't mean you should miss out on the joy that is celebrating your fave feasts in costume form.

Dressing up as dinner has a bunch of awesome benefits that everyday clothes just can't offer you. 

 A Food Squad Is Easier To Get On Point


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It's clear you're a squad, there's a pretty obvious theme going, but everyone gets to express that individuality that is important to the best group dynamics. Especially that girl who insisted on dressing as a nose and lying on the floor, God love her.

Foodie Fashion Doesn't Have To Suck Out The Style


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Look at them! They're stunning. They're outfits are flowing with food love and they still look incredible. If these food fashions aren't better than like 90% of your wardrobe, then you're obviously 100 times cooler than we are.

Be Cool AND Comfy


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Just check out their smiles. They are having the best time possible because they're expressing their purest food passion, and they're still in sneakers and jeans. There's nothing worse than uncomfortable outfits and these food faves look soft enough to sleep in. Here comes the food coma.

Bringing A Food Pun To Life Is Glorious


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You can't see this Franken-furters real face, but you can tell that underneath that comically zombified hot dog head, he's smiling a smile that only a brilliant pun can conjure. Wearing this costume he will spread joy wherever he goes, and that, my friends is the key to a kickass day.

You Can Put The Craft In Kraft


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Food is universal, which means it's easily recognisable and DIY becomes that much easier. Wearing something you've made yourself is pretty damn rewarding, and gurantees you'll look unique.

Noms Get You Noticed

Dressing as food, whether at a costumed event or not, WILL make you stand out. As hungry humans dart through crowds trying to find the snack table, they'll be drawn to your stirfry suit or pizza poncho and want to strike up conversation.

Bacon Makes You Boss 


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It's pretty common to feel your confidence coming from your clothes, so why not dress as everyone's favourite food and channel that universal love into the belief that you own a room when you walk into it. Adopt this confidence and you can and will achieve anything.

You'll Definitely Be Wearing Something You Love

There's a feeling of excitement that comes with wearing something you just LOVE. Careful though, loving it us much as our mate Turtle here could see half your outfit gone by lunchtime.

Wearing Your Passion Just Helps You Be Your Best Self


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Look at Seth. He's totally owning who he is and loving it. Be like Seth, wear some food. 

Four for you @sethpetras. You go @sethpetras