Good Friday is the night of nights for dishes of fish. All over Australia these fishy foods are practicing their wave and making sure their scales are at their most glamourous for their trip down the red carpet (or whatever colour the carpet in your lounge room might happen to be).

Full to the gills with excitement,  each of the nominees waits with baited breath to sea just what the night will serve up and who will swim away with the title of "best fish dish." While Fish and chips has already taken several awards and secured itself a spot in the Fish Dish School of Fame, new contenders are equally skilled at offering an ocean of tantalising tastes that could see them become the new Good Friday favourite.


Mouthfuls of moreishness, sushi is the clear favourite this year. Popularity and availability have skyrocketed and the bonus of being handheld and easily portable puts this fish dish ahead of the pack.

The Thai Curries

Creamy and with just the right amount of spice, red, green and massamun curries all have fish versions that will prove more than suf-fish-cient.

Black Bean Fish

A fishy flip on a Chinese classic, this salty specimen is fin-ally getting the attention it deserves.


Suhsi's naked cousin, sashimi captures a lot of the independent and alternative acclaim. 

Fish Pho

Fish Pho or Pho Cá is ready to be the next fish dish of the year pho sho'

Indian Fish Curries

Spicier and tangier than their Thai cousins this team of fish options has what it takes to swim off with this year's award.

Atlantic Salmon

The first of the filleted fishes, this super succulent sweetheart has captured the attention of the judging panel for the last few years now.

While the winner remains to be seen, these fish foods have a whole lot to serve up to those who care to states them.

To taste test the nom-inees order online now.