Don’t lie. If someone were to open a restaurant modelled after the one in your favourite movie, you would go completely fangirl/boy and order from them straight away. Who wouldn’t?

While funding for this sort of thing has not yet been forthcoming, it’s for the greater good to get such ideas out there in case some fan wins the lottery, right? Here are the top literary lunchrooms and made-up mess halls we’re all hoping some whacked out millionaire decides to build for fun.

Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag: The Simpsons.

While the Simpsons have a great many pun-based restaurants that we’d all love to order from (The Pimento Grove, The Frying Dutchman, Chez Guevara) this one has got to be a fave. Not only does it feature whacky American foods a la TGI Fridays, but the opportunity to order fries from Moe’s head is one not to miss.  

Pizza Planet - Toy Story

The home of our three-eyed alien friends and Andy’s favourite hang out, Pixar’s iconic pizza place is one we’re hoping will come to life soon. So prolific that the delivery van appears in almost every Pixar film made since 1998, Pizza Planet is on the menu for toys, monsters, robots and bugs alike.

City Wok - South Park

If only for the passion and dedication with which Mr Kim runs his Chinese restaurant in South Park, Colorado, this fictional favourite deserves to be brought to life. Everyone is pretty keen to get their hands on some of that City Beef.

Harry Hausens’ – Monsters Inc

Very cleverly named after Ray Harryhausen, special effects pioneer famous for his stop motion monsters, Harryhausen’s is the premier restaurant of Monstropolis. The Monsters Inc restaurant has us craving Japanese after watching the skill with which the ten tentacled sushi chef prepares the food.

Doc Hopper’s French Fried Frogs Legs – The Muppet Movie

Frogs legs aren’t usually a go to for most takeaway orderers, but the fervour with which The Doc hunts Kermit during this film confirms that there must be something really special about this dish. Restaurateurs, hop to it and build this place already.

Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand-Arrested Development

If there’s always money in the Banana Stand, why can’t they afford to build a real one? This tasty treat is packed full of vitamins and has the potential to be delivered on Job Bluth’s Segway or via Michael Bluth’s stair car, if you live on the second floor or above.

1 Million Characters Served

Pop-culture offers us so many pretend burger places that it’s hard to pick just one. While the real Krusty Krab from Spongebob Squarepants is currently being built overseas there is a significant lack of TV themed hamburger restaurants here in Australia. Krusty Burger, Good Burger and Bob’s Burgers all deserve the real life treatment, just so we can get our gobs around the tasty meat sandwich variations.

Got your imagination running about the possibilities of fictional food? Fill the void with some real life restaurant noms while you wait for these venues to be built. Order online now.