Takeaway night is about enjoying things to their (and your) fullest. A tasty treat should never be overshadowed by the ominous and vague predictions of a crunchy snack. To bring the cheer back into Chinese, we've deciphered these delicious messages for you.

Philosophy: Being happy is something you need to actively work on, you can’t just expect happiness to come to you.

Appetising Application: Take time out to enjoy yourself. Relax and grab some tasty takeaway.

Philosophy:  Often a new perspective can invigorate you

Appetising application: Being horizontal is the best way to deal with a food coma after too much curry.

Philosophy:  Inner peace is found on quiet introspection.

Appetising application: If you eat pizza alone, no one can steal a slice.


Philosophy:  Embrace change, embrace progression.

Appetising application: Skipping the usual Chinese takeaway and ordering from somewhere new can bring a delicious dinner.


Philosophy:  Don’t prejudge new people even if they are different from you.

Appetising application:  If a kid offers to share their chips with you, always say yes.


Philosophy: Be open to new people.

Appetising Application:  make friends with your delivery driver, he’ll keep your dinner warmest.

Philosophy: Use your better judgement to determine the best course of action

Appetising Application:  If your food hasn’t arrived when it should have, don't wait hours. Call the EatNow team so they can chase it down for you.


Philosophy:  Be on the lookout for opportunities to move towards the things you want in life

Appetising Application:  If you have got to the fortune cookie, it must be time for dessert!

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