Easter lunch can be a huge deal. Depending on your friends and family, there can be multiple tastes and age groups to consider and, let's be honest, the food has to be next level amazing to distract people from eating nothing but chocolate.

But don't let the enourmous and crushing expectations of your loved ones get you down. There is a way to pull of a spectacular Easter Feast without exhausting yourself in the process. Secretly enlist the help of local professional chefs, and your guests will be none the wiser.

Step 1:

Wow your guests with a Pinterest quality table setting and various kinds of Easter chocolate. While they're distracted by all the pastel colours and fake grass, whip out your phone and order your meals on the EatNow app. Include a secret meeting place or entrance in the special instructions.

Step 2:

While everyone in is wiping chocolate from their faces, offer them alcohol or punch to dull their senses.

Step 3:

Disappear to the kitchen and bang around to create the illusion of cooking while you bust out a few levels of Candy Crush on your phone. Put a slice of bread in the oven to enhance the cooking atmosphere.

Step 4:

When your delivery arrives, politely excuse yourself after refilling everyone's wine. Smuggle your loot back into the kitchen a plate it as though it were fresh from the oven. For added effect, place it in a fan forced oven with the door open and waft the aromas towards your hungry guests.

Step 5:

Present your guests with the fabulous feast and modestly play down their gushing appreciation.

To check out what could be on the menu for your hassle free Easter, visit your local restaurants online now.