Want to remind dad that despite not having your life totally figured out, you can figure out Father’s Day? We have the best plan ever to have a foodie day with dad without spending a second in the kitchen. You read that right, we can make sure breakfast through to dinner is covered without stepping a single foot further than your dad’s porch.

Big breakfast

You’re going to need some fuel to start off a day dedicated to eating and what better dish is there to kick off such a day than a big breakfast? It couldn’t go bacon your heart, even if it fried. Sorry, we know it’s cheesy, but we feel grate.


Where to get it: Java Lava, Hornsby, NSW


Look, you could wait till lunch for your next meal, but why should you have to? A special day calls for a special celebration, which calls for the enjoyment of food. Wrap your hands round a breakfast gozleme with mushroom, egg and feta, this bad boy is all you and dad are going to knead for brunch.


Where to get it: Istanbul in Parra, Parramatta, NSW


Dads have this funny thing about liking sandwiches for lunch every day and that’s fine with us because a chicken schnitzel roll with lettuce and mayo was next on our list and it’s basically a sandwich anyway. Lettuce romaine celebrating Father’s Day in style.

schnitzel roll 

Where to get it: Swordfish Chippery, Hampton, VIC

Afternoon tea (also known as cake time)

Time for some chocolate mud cake. Out of all the desserts, this has to be at the top of any dads list. You’ll score bonus points from dad if it’s served warm with a scoop of ice cream. We think it’s a piece of cake and the ice cream might just melt dad’s heart (too much?).

 tea time

Where to get it: La Vita Fresh Pasta, Mawson Lakes, SA


Throughout the years, you’ve asked dad for a penne for his thoughts when it comes to his favourite dinner and you’re very well versed on the fact that he’s pretty fond of Italian food (quite frankly, who isn’t). So, it’s not pasta Father’s Day yet, which means you can send off the day in style, in green, red and white style.


Where to get it: Pizza Miltonio, Milton, QLD