Decorating the tree at Christmas needs heaps of time and often takes a pretty big bite out of your takeaway budget, but it just doesn’t feel the same without a tree to put your gifts around. This year you can have your fries and decorate too with these DIY ornaments, customised to suit your tastes.

Distract the kids from nagging you about what’s for dinner or entertain yourself while you wait for dinnertime to actually arrive. This easy craft is suitable for food fans of all ages!

You will need:

  • A colour printer
  • Scissors
  • Patience
  • A4 white paper or card (must be suitable for your printer)
  • Glue
  • A hole punch
  • A stable but non-crippling level of hunger
  • Twine or curling ribbon
  • A partner or housemate who is not precious about tradition or holiday decorations
  • Nothing better to do

Step 1:

Order a pizza

Step 1a:

Choose your favourite of our ornaments and download them to your computer. Click on the name of the ornament and it will open in a new window. Right click on the image and select save as.




Hot Dog




Step 2:

Print as many copies as you like, in multiples of two. Print on card for extra durability

Step 3:

Cut out your ornaments

Step 4:

Shoo animals or children away from your workspace. Assure them these decorations, though delicious looking, are not edible.

Step 5:

Line the pairs up back-to-back and paste them together. Trim any overhanging edges

Step 6:

Line up the ribbon hole with the stud in your hole punch. Punch the hole.

Step 7:

Punch the air in celebration of successful hole punching. Yay crafts!

Step 8:

Cut a section of twine or ribbon about 20- 30 cm in length

Step 9:

Answer the door for the pizza man. Punch the air in celebration of the arrival of pizza.

Step 10:

Interchange bites of your pizza with attempts to thread a section of twine or ribbon through the hole at the top of your ornament.

Voila! You have just created a delicious decoration and eaten an even more delicious dinner. Pour yourself a drink, you should be proud of such a productive evening.

Time to get going. Order yourself some dinner now and get crafty with your cravings while you wait.