Chilling with a movie and eating takeaway with a cat on your lap and a dog at your feet is the best idea of a night in for a lot of us. But purry cats and sleeping pups come with big begging eyes that want to trick you into handing over a little of your leftovers.

Don’t be fooled by those big pools of irresistible cuteness. There are lots of takeaways that your furry friends can nibble on, but there are plenty that could make them pretty sick. Here’s the guide to splitting appetisers with your animal friends.

No Onion, Garlic or Chives

These savory seasonings can bring a world of hurt to your pals with paws. They make our food a favourite but can destroy red blood cells in your pets. Watch out for them in curries, soups and sauces.

Too Much Milk

Got a pasta that’s deliciously heavy on the Quattro Formaggi? Save it for tomorrow, don’t put it in the doggie bowl. Cats and Dogs can’t handle lactose like we can, and puppy poops will be the least of your problems. Keep them away from pizza and cream based sauces like Alfredo.

Raw Fish

This one is a bit weird. Animals in the wild would eat raw fish so why can’t their domesticated doppelgangers eat the same thing? Raw fish, especially farmed Salmon and Trout can carry bacteria that is fine for human tummies but pretty tough on Fido and Fluffy. Keep your sushi, sashimi and ceviche to yourself.  

Chocolate, Cherries, Macadamias And Raw Dough.

Desserts are just not for doggies and their feline friends. Each of these ingredients can cause serious health problems for your pets so be selfish and demolish that dessert.

Pet Safe Foods

Dogs and cats really don’t really do takeaway, so we shouldn’t be sharing our favourite feasts, but if you can’t stop from spilling things or you just have to give in to puppy dog eyes, there are a few tasty treats that won’t hurt your pet.

Roast Potato & Carrot : without garlic butter these can be super snacks for your pet and even feature in a lot of nutritious dog foods.

Plain White Rice:  Leftover rice can be suitable puppy/kitty chow, so long as it doesn’t contain any sauces (soy sauce etc can be too salty for them).

Steak & Chicken Fillet:  Again, as long as there is no secret sauce slathered on the top, small pieces of cooked, boneless meat is fine for felines and fidos.

Next time your pet begs you for a little bite of your fave feast, tell them no and offer them the rest of your homework instead.