Friends returning from holiday can't help but go on about how amazing the food was. The coconut rice in Thailand is creamier, the Rogan Josh in India is richer and the pizza in Italy all around better. But maybe it's not. Maybe the authentic cuisine you get delivered to your front door is just as good as Saganaki in Cyprus or Pizza in Pisa. Maybe it's the atmosphere that makes overseas eats seem better.

Our Mad Scientists have been testing this theory and have come up with one of the most exciting developments in dining since, well, since sliced bread. Today we are proud to announce that you can now enjoy international dining experiences from the comfort of your couch. 

The Taste of Takeaway Virtual Reality App is an extension of the EatNow site that will let you enjoy beachside Thai from the luxury of your own living room. Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of your food's land of origin and experience the true deliciousness that comes with matching edibles and environment.

With a collection of over 300 destinations that are specifically matched to all of the dishes available on EatNow, at home diners can select the experience that best suits them and their food. The complete version operates via a pair of Virtual Reality glasses that offer a truly immersive experience, while those who prefer a simpler sensation can receive the visuals and audio via their computer or mobile device. 

So if tonight's the night you'd like to sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious dish the way its creators intended, why not use the app to take a trip while remaining safe on the comfort of your couch?


To download the app or to order your own pair of Taste of Takeaway virtual reality glasses visit the Taste of Takeaway page now.

To order the food that you'll use the app with order online now.