New Years resolutions were made, and, by now, most have been broken. Before you despair, remember repairs to your confidence can be made, with new, improved and terribly tasty Food Year resolutions.

In 2015, get total joy from your food, and from ticking off resolutions, with our top 15 achievable goals for this year.

 1. Order Something Other Than “The Usual.”

Change is as good as a gourmet holiday, right? You can’t go wrong with something new, because even if you don’t love it, you’ve had a new experience.

2. Travel The World, One Bite At A Time

There is such a mad array of cuisines that there is a new experience to be had at every meal. Vietnamese, Middle Eastern or African are all pretty accessible now and totally worth the taste.

3. Share Your Favourite Food With 6 People This Year

Make better relationships and enjoy your food more. This one is a win-win.

4. Eat More Cheese

Cheese makes everything better. Go out of your way to enjoy cheese more and you will know true happiness – unless you’re lactose intolerant, in which case, free pass on this one – great work dairy-free dudes! Just 11 resolutions left to go!

5. Learn The Best Beverage Pairs For Your Food 

The answer may well be water (see what we did there) but if you’re always ordering a diet coke then you’re going to miss out on at least 50% of the awesomeness that your meal could be.

6. Find A New Fave

Just keep trying new things until it hits you, and when it does it will be like falling in love again.

7.Get Friendly With Foods That Were “Too Spicy"

You’ll absolutely love them, just gotta train that palate. 

8. Share The Love

Showing people you appreciate them is one of the quickest ways to a happiness buzz. Take the time to genuinely thank your chef or delivery driver. You won’t be sorry and you might score free garlic bread.

9. Pay It Forward

Pay for someone’s dinner. Generosity is good for your spirit and your stomach.

10. Try A Newly Opened Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is SUPER hard. You might find a new food you love, you’ll probably get really appreciative service and you’re helping someone achieve their dreams. Look at you spreading the love.

11. Try Something Vegetarian Or Vegan

If you’re already on one of these diets, you’ll know how yummy the food can be, if you’re not it’s time you learned exactly how amazing eggplant can be.

12. Buy Dinner For Someone Who Inspires You

Your mum, your boss, a neighbour. People who inspire you give you energy. Learning from and spending time with them will help you be happier. Doing this over a meal is good for your brain AND your hangries.

13. Conquer Food Envy Once And For All

The food you ordered is always better if you’re not thinking about what you could have had. Focus on the good food in front of you.

14. Be Decisive About Food

Umming and ahhing about what to have causes stress and indecision harms your self-esteem. Make a decision, be proud of it and your food will immediately taste that much better

15. Savour It

Food is to be enjoyed. Yes you may be starving, but slowing down and taking time to actually taste and appreciate your food will make it that much tastier.