Congratulations. It was a perilous journey fraught with the hazards of choice, serving size and price, but you finally secured the target dish. Your next mission, if you choose to accept it, is to consume your capture, in it’s entirety, without falling prey to your seagull friends.

Senior agents at F.O.O.D (Federal Operatives for Ordered Deliciousness) have devised a plan to help you succeed in this mission. Read it carefully, as it will self-destruct once you start eating.  

They’ve Got Hungry Eyes

Frenemy operatives are everywhere. They look just like the people you know and trust, but they have one key identifier. One look at food and they can’t disguise, they’ve got hungry eyes. You’ll see piercing, intense eyes that could beat the statue of liberty in a staring contest. If their eyes follow your food as you walk around, you’ve identified an agent who is after the dish.

Snack In Secret

It may sound simple but if cover can be found from frenemy sight, consuming the target dish behind it will be your best move. Cover is often not available (you may be inside the frenemy base, or you may have tricked them into helping you secure the dish), so consider your options wisely before seeking shelter.  

 Top agents can find shelter AND keep their eye on the frenemy

Distract And Dine

The frenemy operatives have one target, your meal. They can, however, be distracted by a false target, if you can effectively argue the taste supremacy in their own food. Tell them how great it looks and how delicious it smells.

WARNING:  This line of exaggeration towards the frenemy meal, may  leave you open to requesting a bite of there’s. This would lead to an expected offer to try yours in return, sacrificing the mission. Avoid this statement at all costs.

Lies Keep The Fries

Working well with the Distract and Dine tactic, downplaying the excellence of your food can help to confuse the frenemy.  Simply tell them it’s bland or burnt, and eat as much as you can when they aren’t looking.

This plan should help you protect your meal just long enough for you to eat it. Keep your wits about you and munch carefully. The target is a precious cargo and its safe consumption rests entirely on you.

Good luck.

Your success will deserve a reward, and a failed mission will require a new dish. Either way, you can order online now.