Chocoholics across the nation are salivating at the thought of their favourite time of year approaching. To join them in their sweet, sweet celebrations we are spreading the word that chocolate is not just for dessert.

There is a saccharine smorgasbord of chocolate foods just waiting to be ordered for every course of every meal. To help you choose we have put together a mini-menu of dairy milk delights.


Chocolate Roti

Crisp, flaky roti drizzled with rich chocolate sauce


Chocolate & Cheese Pandan Pancakes

Delicate pandan flavoured pancakes with chocolate ganache and cream cheese

Chocolate Pizza:

A variety of versions, many including nutella, chocolate flakes, berries and even marscapone

available across Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney


Chocolate Mousse

Elegant and airy, this whipped delight offers a full, rich flavour and is available across Sydney and Melbourne

Chocolate Cheesecake

Our favourite flavour of a cake time classic, this proves that not all the nicest slices need to be pizza



Dark roasted coffee and full bodied cocoa provide a soothing flavour with an extra kick.

Iced Chocolate:

Vanilla ice cream swimming in whole cream milk and succulent chocolate sauce.


Join the cocoa crusade to enjoy chocolate anywhere, anytime. Order some chocolatey goodness online now.