Award season is over and the winners are rejoicing by drinking impossibly expensive champagne and watching their twitter mentions go nuts. Meanwhile the losers are doing what we all do when we get rejected, hiding under their doona watching episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. wishing someone would bring them comfort food.

If your favourite film or actor was wounded by an unjust awards committee this year, you could always think about sending them their fave foods to cheer them up. Here are some suggestions:

Meryl Streep : Missed Oscars, Golden Globes, & BAFTA

In her role of The Witch from Into The Woods, Ms Streep spends the film trying to atone for her loss the of magic beans. A magically delicious beef and bean burrito should help her remember that her performance was excellent and it doesn’t matter what some stupid judging panel says.

How To Train Your Dragon 2: Missed Oscars and BAFTA

It’s hard to cool down after a long day working with dragons. The team would love something cool and fresh like some rice paper rolls and ice cream for dessert.

Rosamund Pike: Missed Oscars, Golden Globes, & BAFTA

Nominated for her performance as the cunning Annie Dunne, Ms Pike is still in the habit of doing all she can not to draw attention to herself. She doesn’t want flashy food, just something that anyone anywhere would have ordered. A pepperoni pizza is probably the most classic and ordinary takeaway she can get.

The Lego Movie: Missed Oscars (not even nominated!) and Golden Globes

The only thing that will cheer these guys up is more building and creating. Choose from stackable sushi hand roll slices or perhaps send one of their favourite characters cooked in the form of bento.

Into The Woods: Missed Oscars, Golden Globes & BAFTA

The main characters of the baker and his wife are keen to see what other people are doing with bread. Garlic bread, roti, gozleme and naan are sure to cheer them up.

Michael Keaton: Missed Oscars & Golden Globes

Birdman will have anything but fried chicken

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