Last week you voted the burger as your favourite takeaway, naming it the champion of the Nom-monwealth Games. But how did such a simple dish captivate the hearts and minds of so many? To celebrate the burger’s victory and subsequent appointment as the supreme overlord of takeaway, we’ve got some insight into its rise to glory.

Where did they come from?

Duh! Hamburgers are from Hamburg, of course. Well, not exactly. When traveling Hamburgers (You know, guys from Hamburg- we still can’t believe they’re not called Hamburglers- a much, much cooler name) saw Chinese horseman tenderising their beef beneath their saddles as they rode, these crafty Germans brought home the idea of pulverising and mincing their meat.

This “Hamburger meat” was served raw (gross) and without the traditional bun and “fixins”. Transported to the US in the late 1700s by German immigrants, it took over 100 years before the American hamburger, as we know it, would appear between two buns at the 1901 World’s Fair. (An additional 98 years would pass before Spongebob would craft his first Krabby Patty)  

What’s so good about them? 

If you’re asking, we feel sorry for you. If you have not drooled over a delicious burger, vegetarian or otherwise, you have yet to truly live. With the versatility for the flavour combinations of a pizza, the simplicity of a sandwich, and the ability to be as healthy or as naughty as your taste buds and waistline should so desire, the burger ticks all the boxes for the perfect meal.  

The worldwide passion for the burger is so strong that many cultures have adapted it to their own tastes, adding different ingredients to the traditional meat, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Here are some of the best national hamburgers to inspire your choices during your next burger biting sesh.

Hamberguesas Mexicanas- Mexico

America’s neighbor to the south improves upon the classic by frying the patty with ham and cheese on top (Parma style) and including jalapenos and avocado for that Mexican flavour.

Hot Hamburg Sandwich- Canada

The neighbours to the north like to warm themselves up by dipping their burgers, buns and all, in a rich beef gravy.

Bofsandwich- Denmark

Those Danes have an apparent love affair with onions, adding raw, grilled and roasted onions to their burgers alongside French mustard, beetroot and gravy.


Rice Burgers- Eastern Asia


The most extreme adaptation, many countries in Eastern Asia have capitalised on their rice surplus and created fried rice patties that serve as buns to a burger of pork or shrimp fritters. That’s one way to cut white bread from your diet.

So there you have it, all the information you need to truly appreciate your next burger. So tonight, why not burger up and strap your taste buds in for one wild ride?

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