A favourite of pretty much anyone with taste buds, Couscous is a traditional North African dish that has taken its rightful place as a regular on tables across the world. Like the tears of a mighty Norse god, these pillowy droplets of deliciousness will dance across your tongue and find their way into your heart.

Formed of rolled and steamed semolina (the strong part of the wheat) tiny balls of couscous come together to form a warm blanket that wraps your tongue and comforts it into a zen like bliss.

Often spiced and sweetened with exotic herbs, vegetables and dried fruits, couscous is the blank canvas onto which imps of impossible tastiness splash a rainbow of flavours.

The little black dress of side dishes, couscous is the perfect partner to pretty much anything that isn’t pasta. Grilled meats, stews, wraps and soups are all a little greater when they get a little on the side.

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