Life can be hard. But what better way to make it through the hard times (or even avoid some of them) than with advice from the food that you call on when those hard time hit. 

Each of our favourite comfort foods has a message, something we can take from it that contributes to the recipe for living your most delicious life. So if you don't mind taking tips from your tucker and life lessons from your lunch, we've gathered our favourite pieces of appetising advice, to get you through your day.


 Friends are important, and chips definitely embody the idea of the more the merrier. That said, no one likes a soggy chip, so if someone is bringing you down, try and help them crisp up. If they don't want help, move on. You should work to be your most firm self and give your valued french fry friends a reason to stick around.


Life is full of surprises, and no food embodies flexibility more than Sushi. Roll with the punches ( or the soy sauce drownings) and you'll be able to hold it together when you really need to.

Chinese Food

Fortune cookies are full of wisdom, but it's the actual Chinese dishes that can give the best advice. Always using your noodle, will help you adapt, get yourself out of sticky situations and even come up with bright ideas - like fried ice cream, now THAT'S how you live! 


Everything might seem really serious now and Dad jokes might make you cringe, but being able to laugh at yourself and find the silliness in life, will help you live a life full of laughter. Pizza is the king of being relaxed and appreciating itself for what it is, and we love it even though it's got spots and oil on it's face. So go ahead, seize the cheese.

Mexican Food

Mexican flavour is bold and passionate, and it makes the most out of a few key ingredients. This enthusiasm is what makes it so popular. Not only is enthusiasm likely to do the same for you, but it can also help you find more enjoyment and achievement in your day to day (just watch out for the onion breath)


Most Italian food has this charm. Choose what's positive in life and focus on that, reject the negativity and the unnecessary worry and stress. Besides, we'd all benefit from just a little more spaghetti.


Time to learn some life lessons from your lunch?  Cosy up with some comfort food and order online now.