Nobody loves taters more than the Colombians. Their national dish is a soup that literally contains 3 different types of potatoes.

But they have a secret potato weapon that will make the world fall in love at first bite: Papa Criolla.

These teeny tiny yellow spuds grow wild in the highlands of the Andes.

So untamed, so daring, so potato. 

With a thin skin and a buttery flesh inside, the Colombians fry them in a tonne of salt to make all of our potato-loving tears of joy extra savoury.

What could possibly make something salted and fried even better? Enter ají, Colombia’s spicy salsa and beloved condiment. It has coriander, tomato, chilli, lime juice – all the goods.

Overall, Colombian cuisine isn’t too spicy, which probably explains why ají goes on everything from empanadas to fried Papa Criolla.

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Do NOT forget the ají. You’ll never forgive yourself.


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