Once titled the 23rd tastiest dish in the world, Bulgogi is the King of Korean Barbecue. The true monarch of munchable meats, this dish of tender, marinated beef strips, is flame grilled and dripping with deliciousness. It is celebrated as one of the mightiest meals a food fan could ask for. 

Dressed in the finest flavours, of garlic, soy sauce, sugar and sesame, this noblest of noshes heralds the end to your hunger. Sweet and savoury supremacy gives Bulgogi the right to reign on the plate and sit lovingly nestled amongst worshiping tastebuds.

Perfectly presented to an adoring public, this prime beef is princely in it's appearance and even more regal in it's taste. So when you are next considering a Korean cure to your carnivorous cravings remember:  God! Savour the king. 

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